Sunday, July 10, 2011


Statistics are interesting tidbits. Some say that you can make statistics say anything you want. That might be true.

I've been interested in a few stats of my own. Thank goodness for software developers who make compiling stats easy for knuckleheads like me. A click of a button on this blog tells me all kinds of things; how many page views, the most popular stories (and which ones were miserable fails), the URL sources that guide readers to the site, and where those readers are from geographically, among other things. Not sure these numbers are life changers but they are interesting.

Within spitting distance of 9000 blog views, it's hard to believe that so many are reading what I have to say. It's humbling to know that. Most of the readers are from the USA. But who could have guessed that the country with the second most views is Russia. Yes, Russia. That seems strange but strange is sometimes true.

I am thankful to those who are faithful readers and commentators. This blog is an outlet for me and one that I hope will convey truth, put a smile on your face, give a reason to pause, and help us continue on in our lives with purpose, faith and hope.

Thanks again. I'll be back soon.


Rick Gray said...

I certainly look forward to your latest post and am so thankful that you take the time to share your thoughts and discuss things going on in your life. Your posts also put a smile on my face. Thank you!

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Gee, Rick. You are so faithful...

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