Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Review: "Take Time to be Holy" by Bob Hostetler

You are what you eat. At least that’s what some say, including my dear mother. Probably true. But perhaps just as valid is this: You are what you read. Think about it. My Mother (and probably many other mothers across this fine country) was also known to say, “Garbage in. Garbage out.” I suspect the opposite is also true: “Beauty in. Beauty out.”
Bob Hostetler recognized beauty and truth when he was a young man. He was introduced to Samuel Logan Brengle when he read a biography on the life of the Salvation Army’s evangelist. Inspired by that life story, Hostetler consumed all of Brengle’s writings before his twentieth birthday. In a day when comic books may have been preferred over works describing sanctification and holiness, Hostetler internalized the truth and worked out the reality of those revelations in his own life and writing..

Though Brengle met his Lord in 1936, his words live on—only better. In a bold effort, Hostetler, a distinguished author himself, edits Brengle’s devotional works in a compilation entitled “Take Time to be Holy.” Keeping the gist intact by replacing hard-to-understand language and archaic sentence structure, the year-long daily devotional offers substance to the reader. Each short reading includes a Bible verse from which a poignant and illustrative story unfolds. Within moments, the devotional reader is delivered a bit of truth on which to chew all day long.

“Take Time to be Holy” is a fluff-free zone. Read at the risk of developing spiritual insight and progressive sanctification through meditating on God’s truth and living out its application.

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