Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas,

I intended to get this letter out as soon as Seth, our resident photographer, got home from school. But the big snowstorm of 2009 put a dent in those plans, leaving him still waiting for three whole days to catch his flight. Hence, a letter filled with pictures found in the dark recesses of my computer files.

Gary is still the facilities manager at New Covenant Schools, responsible for the entire property inside and out. And yes, he has to make the grass grow on the soccer and lacrosse fields. He does a great job! Gary has some flexibility time-wise and has been able to hunt a lot more this year. Our freezer is getting full of venison for the coming year. A couple more deer should do it.

I am teaching on-line high school for Liberty University in addition to creating on-line education for perfusionists. Along with two friends, we set a woman’s record on the South Beyond 6000 in North Caroline, summiting forty peaks over 6000’ after connecting them all (in five different mountain ranges) on foot: about 280 miles. A third of them had no trails so it made for some interesting bushwacking. We did it in six days, thirteen hours, and thirty-one minutes. I love to do motivational and inspirational speaking and am looking for a publisher for book number three, a 366-day devotional.

Caleb (22) had moved to Columbus, OH to job seek last January but returned home in July when the job market failed to support him. He has been signed, sealed, and awaiting delivery to the US Navy. He is going into the Nuclear Engineering program. It’s a great deal since the Navy will train him in a growing field, pay a big bonus, and pay off his school loans. Additionally, he will be able to complete his degree on the military’s ticket. He leaves for basic in May and will then go to Charleston for school for a couple years. In the meantime, Caleb is working at the school as a janitor and groundskeeper.

Seth (18) is attending Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging and Arts in MA. His focus (no pun intended) is professional photography. The program is just nine months but is 24/7 photography…no English or history, or math required! Seth is really enjoying the program and is honing his craft. They are also taught the business of photography which should help him establish his own studio after school.

With a near-empty house, we have plenty of room to entertain guests. Please come and pay us a visit. That includes any of you runners who need a place to crash on race weekends!

Merry Christmas and may your walk with the Lord be oh-so sweet this coming year!

Gary, Rebekah, Caleb and Seth


Rick Gray said...

Rebekah, Thank you for sharing some "whats up" with your family. Sometimes we forget about the family that is behind you and being so supportive. We are all so lucky to have loving and supportive families. I wish you and your family so much love and peace during this special Christmas time. Rick

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Thanks, Rick. The same to you and that wonderful Tammy girl you hang around with!

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