Friday, June 17, 2011

Another day in not-so-sunny Costa Rica: A short update

Well, the girls on this team continue to amaze. We are watching them grow in so many ways. They are becoming more bold and confident each day as they interact with the kids and freely share their faith and the wonderful gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today was a lesson in flexibility. It seemed that the plan changed no less than every seven minutes. And yet, they never missed a beat, never complained, and rose to each occasion.

After a time of devotion in the morning, we traveled to our destination for a soccer tournament, only to find it cancelled. So, back on the bus, we took a thirty minute shopping trip followed by a stop at a busy downtown park. The kids performed their dramatic mime, causing many on the busy streets to stop and watch the eight minute presentation. Then it was time to pass out gospel tracts, finding few who refused the offering.

The afternoon was filled with an English teaching session in a large high school. However, prior to entering the classroom, the girls were like magnets, drawing many of the kids into conversation and impromptu games. The session in the school was well received and helped the soccer games that followed to be contested in a friendly manner. Then, it was back to do another lesson at the school for adult ESL students. Again, the students engaged freely with our girls and watched intently as the mime was once again offered.

Finally, after another 12 hour day, we returned home only to be encouraged with our own team time. What a continued privilege to watch God working in all our hearts.

Tomorrow we will be taking about 25 Costa Rican young people (age 18-25) to a rustic camp for a couple of days. We will have no web access but I hope to be able to report again (with some pictures!) later Saturday night.

Stay tuned...

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Rick Gray said...

Wonderful words Rebekah. Your girls are amazing and I know you are so very proud of them. God is continuing to work through them.

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