Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Could it be?

I don’t want to get too excited. And, I’m not really even sure I want to say anything publicly because there is always a chance that I might have to eat some crow. Yuk! Not my idea of fun. But, I feel something stirring inside and I like it. (And no, the stirring is certainly not a baby!) I haven’t felt like this for a very long time. Maybe. Just maybe. . .See a smile slowly creep across my face.

Several weeks ago I decided to join the YMCA again. More non-running options for this aging body, you know. I wanted to glide effortlessly through the water again. And all those exercise contraptions. . .well, who could resist? So join I did.

Headlong into the pool I went. The effortless gliding took a little more work than I had remembered. And the 5:45 a.m. core strength class nearly caused my stomach muscles to explode like rubberbands too tightly stretched. Then we have to talk about Pilates. My, I knew I wasn’t Gumby flexible but this was ridiculous. What was so easily achieved in my brain did not translate to the mat. But then we have the revolving stair machine (think escalator) towering gladiator-like over all the other exercise equipment dwarfed in its presence. I decided to take it on.

This stair climber kicks butt. . .or at least I hope it whittles mine down and firms up those fifty-two year old cheeks. The most I have been able to do without getting thrown off (or throwing up)is thirty minutes at level fifteen out of twenty. My legs scream and rivers of sweat nearly create a waterfall effect down the steps. I am exhausted when I call it quits.

And then I run. In fact, I ran twenty road miles nearly thirty-two minutes faster than a couple weeks ago. Until my toaster strudel and single pack of gummy treats wore off, I felt unbelievably good. Hum. I wonder if training is actually working? Duh.

Oddly, I almost relish the thought of entering races. I want to be fatigued from training. I like the feel and look of legs that seem to be stronger and abs just a little tighter. Dare I believe that my increased cross-training is making me a better, faster runner? The thought is almost too good to be true.

I’ll never be as fast as I once was but know that I can be faster than I am now. For the first time in years I anticipate my workouts. I look forward to toeing the line at the next race. I embrace the thought of finishing challenges in satisfied exhaustion. What’s happening? Is it real? Will it last?

I sure hope so. Stay tuned.


Rick Gray said...

"Could it be" is a great feeling. I will be quite when I say this, so I will say it softly (not like me at all), I hope so! Enjoy the Y and all its benefits. Enjoy your forgotten feeling. Rick

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

I love your comments and look forward to them. I sure hope this is the beginning of a new stage of running for me. I have been such a louse the last number of years. It would be nice to run unapologetically again. We'll see. Fixing to go out and get in a run in this sunshine!

BTW- You were fast in responding!

Rick Gray said...

Glad to hear you look forward to my little comments, but the thanks goes to you. I look forward to your next post. I certainly hope that it is a new stage in your running life. We all go through different stages and I like you are not as fast as we once were. That is all right, but when you get that great feeling you want to take the bull by the horns and let him run. Run like the wind Rebekah and enjoy that wonderful feeling. It is now 6:00pm. I hope you enjoyed your run. It is dark and I am now leaving work to meet Tammy at yoga class. Rick

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

You do yoga? I have heard great things about it. I am so inflexible that it's ridiculous. I suppose yoga could help- maybe even more than Pilates.

But hey, I did an hour of core (Donna Elder is the instructor...brutal!), 20 minutes on the stairway to hell, a mile in the pool and then 6 miles on foot. Can't spend that much time each day but it felt nice today.

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Hey- a favor...Can you "Become a fan"? If a potential publisher for my new book looks at the blog, it would be nice to have lots of "fans." Sounds so egotistical but...it might help the cause.

Rick Gray said...

Yes, I do yoga, but not very well. I am Mr. Inflexible. Tammy is on the floor next to me and she actually laughs out loud at me. Our yoga class is more of a relaxation and stretching class than anything else. We use to go several years ago and then got out of the habit. We started back a couple of months ago as I know I need it. I am not a stretcher and since I rarely do any fast running anymore, I have found that I am getting tighter and tighter. Hopefully this will help stave off the effects of getting older and allow me to enjoy my trail running even more. I can't imagine being in one of Donna's classes. She has run me to death out on the trail. While she is just talking up a storm, I am barely able to keep up. The whole time I am breathing heavily and the only thing I can say is "uh uh". I wish I could swim like you, but I am a lead weight going through the water. Now, Tammy can swim like a fish. On your egotistical side, I have signed up as a follower, but I don't find it egotistical at all. If you can't ask a friend, then who can you ask. Plus, I am a bit selfish. I want you to get your book published, so that I can read it. I loved your last one and I look forward to this new one. Rick

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