Thursday, November 12, 2009

God hears and listens

I was shocked.  Probably shouldn't have been but I was. God must laugh when we react that way.

A young college friend of mine had suffered what appeared to be a stroke several weeks ago.  After a frantic but unproductive trip to the emergency room, she left without a diagnosis, the remnants of her symptoms following her back to the dorm.  A promised consult to the office of a neurologist failed to materialize, further frustrating the student and her worried family, living in far away Ethiopia.  A distant late December appointment was offered instead. Little good that would do as she would be in Africa at that time. So when her symptoms reappeared yesterday, I suggested we try to open a few doors together.

We first collected her medical records from the hospital and drove to the neurology office.  As we stood at the check-in window, we saw the receptionist pick up the phone and dial. "I am calling for Rachel Chestnut. If you get this, we have an opening today at 2:30. . ."  We couldn't believe our ears. This office that rarely accepts new patients was calling my friend from the other side of the glass.  We giggled and signaled the women.  As she returned the phone to its cradle and opened the glass window, I recalled my prayer earlier that morning.

"Lord, I ask you to please open a door and allow Rachel to get the care she needs. I know the odds are slim of seeing a doctor today but you can do anything.  Please Lord. We need some help!"  Sure enough, God not only answered that prayer but provided a diagnosis that alleviated the fears of a stroke, brain tumor, or aneurysm. In the nick of time, Rachel got the go-ahead to run a weekend marathon without having to wonder if she was going to hurt herself.

God is so good. Never doubt that He is involved in our daily affairs, orchestrating events to bring glory to Himself and encouragement to our souls.

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Joy said...

As I sat in the dentist chair this afternoon for over an hour, the dentist told me she couldn't get it all and wanted to send me to an oral surgeon. I asked her if she could continue to try and started praying. Ten minutes later I was on my way home with my tooth fully gone. Praise the Lord!

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