Monday, February 20, 2012

Snowy Trail Running 101: Top 10 lessons

Top ten lessons learned when running narrow trails after eight inches of wet snow.

10. Run early in the day before the temps climb into the high forties.
9. Be prepared to get wet and muddy if you choose to run in the afternoon under a bright sun. Don't think about breaking any land speed records.
8. Understand that gortex shoes keep the wet out only for so long. Submarining them in puddles shortens the dry-feet time considerably.
7. Running without sunglasses gives you a new appreciation for snow blindness.
6. Look ahead for easy-to-grab trees at switchback corners. Melting snow mixed with mud accelerates downward motion. You will need help slowing down.
5. Overhanging branches are sadistic. They dump snow on your head at the exact instant you pass beneath them.
4. Snow-laden trees always fall across the trail, never away from the trail.
3. View your run as an opportunity for trail work in service to your community. Consider carrying a chainsaw and loppers to make things easier.
2. Look ahead and see no footprints. Look behind and see but one set. Smile.
1. Thank God for the snow and your ability to be out there.

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