Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ugly Truth

I just discovered something the other night as I was adding Hellgate stories and stats to the website.  After being delighted to report a 14 minute PR for myself, I must recant. Sad, indeed.  Here is what happened.

When I looked up prior results, I stopped short when I saw a previous time for me at 15:54 since I did not remember running under 16 hours three times. Guess what?  2004 was the 15:54 but in 2007, I ran 15:40:22.  My time this year? 15:40:31. Shoot.  9 measly seconds away from a PR.  In the context of nearly 67 miles, that really isn't much.  UGH!!!

Sorry for the misinformation. Somehow, I'm not quite as excited anymore. I was loving the idea of a PR.


Rick Gray said...

Sorry for my late response to your just awful mistake, but I have had computer issues the last couple of days that have left me out of touch. Yes, according to previous year's results, you did make a mistake. True it was not the PR that you thought you had, but you certainly got me to a new PR by a little over an hour. Yes, you were short by 9 little bitty seconds and you are correct that in the big scheme of things, this is not much. Since we are getting technical here, I looked back to your 2007 best time of 15:40:22 (this year 15:40:31). According to my notes, we also had near perfect weather that year too. 2007 was a bad leaves day, but there was no snow and ice as we had this year. If you consider the conditions to weigh out about the same, you have to admit that four years have gone by and the clock has not been turned back. You still ran at record pace even if it was 9 seconds slower at the finish. Now get over this 9 second stuff and go celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Savior.

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Okay. Okay. Point taken. :)

TO be honest, I really am not losing any sleep over this...just wishing the last third of my race didn't fall apart so much. According to Helen Lavin's blog, I was within 15 minutes of her about 36 miles into it. Who knew?

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