Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2

Second day not same as the first.

With indoor track practice starting again after the holiday break, my run was the same as the kids' run. The cold wind chilled the bones but not the relentless chatter.

After discussion of an interesting fun fact (every extra pound of body weight means a one second slowdown per mile), we headed out the door. It was to be a conversational 2-2.5 mile warm-up with the return trip run as a tempo. It was so good to see everyone again and be treated to the first (but short-lived) snowfall at the end of our run.

There's nothing like a tempo run with high school kids to remind me of how slow I have become. Most run away from me. Ugh. I hope the increase in my running volume will eventually move the needle on the scale from the turtle side toward the rabbit side. I can only hope.

Distance: 4.5 (2.25 at tempo)


Rick Gray said...

Day 2 is certainly in the books and you are continuing to move forward. Nothing like a little pressure from the kids to keep you motivated. In looking at the picture, it looks like the tights won against the shorts - 5 to 4. But the hats last big time - 8 to 1!

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Haha. Silly kids. Their moms must not have set the hats out for them. A couple didn't even have a jacket and gloves. Brrrr. It was cold and very windy!

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