Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just one more day: Days 23-29

Day 23 – January 23, 2012

Another very wet and chilly day. Nothing like temps in the low 30’s and liquid falling from the sky. But running with my distance kids made it an adventure and quite pleasant.

Total – 8 road miles (primarily)

Day 24 – January 24, 2012

 I warned my team that this week was all about mileage and base. With no meet this weekend and after building to this point, they were ready to run more miles than they consider “normal.” Several groups formed and we hit the woods. The majority of the kids put in 8-10 miles; Trey ran 13.  What a wonderful way to spend an unseasonably warm day on those trails.

Total – 9.2 trail miles

Day 25 – January 25, 2012

 We were graced with another beautiful, warm winter day. Hard surface and gravel roads along with a little grass running was on the docket for today. Steady but comfortable runs with speed pickups in the middle gave us 6.2 more miles. I sense the kids are embracing the challenge of the miles and their bodies are handling it quite well. I find it curious that my long-time knee problem seems to be getting a little better with the mileage increase. And, though I am still slow compared to my top runners, I am feeling stronger. Oh what a feeling…

Day 26 – January 26, 2012

 The good. The bad. The ugly.

The good? Another warm day to run in the woods with the best kids in the world. (They sometimes bring snacks. Who wouldn't love them?)

The bad? I just didn’t have it today. It seemed so hard.

The ugly? The back of my knee started hurting again. Just received professional opinion from a friend who is a PT: Hamstring insertion issue with scar tissue. Sounds reasonable, I guess.

Total: 5.1 trail miles

Day 27 – January 27, 2012

 It was unbelievable to have another January day with temps in the 60s; a perfect day for a run in the woods with my team to finish out a week with more mileage than they are accustomed.. It was a combination of quick-paced downhills on gravel roads, meandering steps on single track, and sustained uphill runs. Even with a gusty wind, it was a great Friday afternoon.

Total – 6.5 miles trail/gravel road

Day 28 – January 28, 2012

 Well, I considered a 20-mile run. But when I saw a floor needing vacuumed, a pond pump crying out for attention, and a sidewalk that had gone way too long from its last encounter with an edger, I got distracted. Then, we got a call that Gary’s dad had been taken emergently to the hospital again. We had to wait to hear if we needed to speed to his side. After that, one of our sons and friends came to shot clay birds. It sounded like a war zone around here. What did this do to my run? Reduce me to a lousy four miles. It was not only meager miles but I felt horrible. No pep. No energy. So, perhaps it’s just as well.

Total – 4.0 miles road

Day 29 – January 29, 2012

 Church. Clean-up duty after church-wide lunch. Get home. Butcher and process three deer. Clean up the mess. Put pizza in the oven. Grab a headlight and reflective vest. Run into a cold, starry night. Run back. Feel glorious and revived. Eat pizza. That’s my story and I’m stick’n to it.

Total: 1.5 road miles


Rick Gray said...

The first month is nearly gone!

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Yep. And this experiment is really changing my perspective on running--for the better!

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