Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just one more day: Days 79-85

Day 79 – March 19, 2012

A 3.5 mile warmup with the team was the extent of my running before putting the clock on the kids as they ran the real workout on the track. But, not a bad thing considering the two recent long runs of 17 and 18 miles.

Total – 3.5 road miles

Day 80 – March 20, 2012

Good thing I ran some trails to measure the course I wanted the team to take. Booming thunder and severe lightening cut the team run short as we fled back to shelter from the mountains. I suppose we should get credit for speed work.

Total- 6.5 trail miles

Day 81 – March 21, 2012

Wow. I ended up with all the distance and middle distance kids today. With many novice runners, the plan quickly changed. A slow run to the intramural fields, a couple 4-corner 5 minute drills, relay games, and the run back. The distance kids and I chose to take a nice trail back to base.

Total – 4.5 road and trail miles

Day 82 – March 22, 2012

Does running on a treadmill getting a stress echo test count for miles? That, combined with a run to and from the track and a run after I got home gave me a few miles.

Total – 5.5 road miles

Day 83 – March 23, 2012

A tight time frame restricted my running to practice time only, which consisted of a giant scavenger hunt with about 55 kids. Chalk up about 2.5 miles.

Total – 2.5 road miles

Day 84 – March 24, 2012

With rain pouring down, the Terrapin 50K and half-marathon got underway. I was not at the start line as a competitor. But, I did have opportunity to cover 18 miles of the distance as the sweep runner. Sweeping is always an experience and today was no exception. I ran predominately with two individuals,  with  intermittent stops to take down streamers marking the way. What great people and conversation! I am so thankful. However, back at the finish, I have to admit I was a little wishful of not being a racer. I’ll miss Promise Land, too, due to coaching responsibilities. Looks to be a bleak spring schedule with all the track meets I am committed to.

Total – 18 gravel road and trail miles

Day 85 – March 25, 2012

Whew. What a busy, busy weekend. Between being at the race Friday night and all day Saturday, and helping Caleb move out of his apartment and back into the house (he is building a tiny house on the property), there wasn’t a lot of time to run until this evening. I put in a pleasant country road run and enjoyed the rain that fell lightly at the end.

Total – 4 road miles
Year-to-date – Approx 512 miles

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