Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just one more day: Days 107 - 113

Day 107 – April 16, 2012

It sure was warm today; 85 and sunny. But what a great day to take the kids to the woods. I felt strong but was a little surprised at how wimpy some of the kids seemed. They usually aren’t that way but it must have been the heat. We ran a little more than I intended (oops), but was pleased with no soreness or fatigue from my weekend outing.

Total – 6.7 trail miles

Day 108 – April 17, 2012

This was a ridiculously easy practice. After some time with core exercises, we took a three-mile slow jaunt around campus. The kids are running a meet tomorrow so a down day was appropriate. I wanted to run extra but ran out of time.

Total – 3 road miles

Day 109 – April 18, 2012

85 and sunny Monday. 75 and overcast Tuesday. 55 and rainy today. Not sure I like the trend. Nevertheless, I managed to get in a great 6 miler, feeling smooth and efficient. Yahoo!

Total – 6 road miles

Day 110 - April 19, 2012

With a track meet this Saturday, I knew I needed to squeeze in a long run today. Heading across the valley to the mountains, I ran 12 miles of the MMTR course and then hopped on the AT for the last 11, including a big climb up Bluff Mountain. I only tripped myself once with the trekking poles, an improvement. I am actually like having them. They are extremely light and do seem to offload some weight. I’ll be using them on every step of this summer’s adventure. Maybe the jiggle will leave the wiggle part of my arms after a while.

Total – 23 trail miles

Day 111 - April 20, 2012

I couldn’t resist a friend’s invite to run more trails this morning. We explored a newly finished trail called “Idiots Run.” Great trail! Despite a  little new issue after my run yesterday, my legs and energy levels felt good. Very pleased.

Total – 7 trail miles

Day 112 - April 21, 2012

Let’s see. Mow the grass. Do some other outside work. Shower. Drive to another county for another track meet (got home at 10:30 last night from the last meet). Do errands during a rain storm on the way home. Put away groceries. Cook dinner. Run before I sat down. A short and snappy road run.

Total – 4 road miles

Day 113 - April 22, 2012

So much to do. So little time to do it in. A busy morning at church and only about an hour at home to get I my run in the chilly rain and get ready to go of to a wedding. A couple miles was all I could fit in.

Total – 3 road miles

Year-to-date: 710 miles


Kelly said...

What kind of trekking poles are you trying? thanks!

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Black Diamond UltraDistance Z poles. You have to know your ideal height since they are not adjustable. I am 5'5" and the 110cm are perfect. The pair is less than 9 oz! Love them! They are a little pricey (I found them for $104 with free shipping) but normal price is more like 149. Still, so glad I went with these poles.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much Rebecca for responding on this! Those are actually the ones I have been looking at as well.

Also - so glad to hear that your running has gotten better through this year. Take care!

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