Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just one more day: Days 156-162

Day 156 – June 4, 2012

I tried to run more, I really did. But alas, I just wanted to get in the car and start driving to my mom’s house in PA. It was going to be along drive and I wanted be on the road headed north. So when I got down to the big turn in the road, I turned right around and headed back. I guess this is the lead off to a relative rest week with a long run on Sat. when I get back.

Total – 2 road miles

Day 157 – June 5, 2012

The first run back home is always a treat. It’s a spin around my old stomping grounds that prompts memories. It’s a juxta-position of old verses new. The old stone houses still stand but farmers’ fields have given way to packed-in housing developments. My old high school has been bulldozed and a new one stands in its place. New playground and parks are in place but in a little-used section stands an ancient, tall slide that liability policies would never allow to be built today. Of course, I had to have a slide on my way by. It’s good to be home.

Total – 6 road miles

Day 158 – June 6, 2012

Another day of running down memory lane. Despite the growth of way-too-expensive housing developments that have sprung up in the fields I remembered as a kid, the little towns of Perkasie and Sellersville, PA are still quaint and lovely. I love the old stone houses, manicured lawns, flower boxes, the town’s baseball field and thick wooden bleachers beneath a green roof, standing since the early 1900s. Even the streets are quiet and empty at ten in the morning. The high school football stadium looks the same as always. Even the seats by the press box where my Dad and Mom used to sit remain. This was a wonderful place to grow up!

Total – 8 road miles

Day 159 – June 7, 2012

I love running in my home town. Every corner, every street holds special memories. I loved every step today!

Total – 8 road miles

Day 160 – June 8, 2012

I ran by dawn’s early light. Well, not really. The sun was already up at 6:30 a.m. but so was I. It was a quick 4.5 miles before an eight hour drive back home to Bedford.

Total – 4.5 miles

Day 161 – June 9, 2012

After a week of being away from home, I couldn’t really stick Gary with all the weekend chores. So with limited time, I chose a section of the AT I had never run before and was able to squeeze in a decent run before picking up groceries and finishing off the mowing, baking brownies, bread, and preparing food for company tomorrow. It feels good to put in a full, productive day!

Total – 20 miles

Day 162 – June 10, 2012

Running at dusk and into the dark, I was so excited. After a 20-miler yesterday, I ran lighter and faster than I have for a long time! No soreness, nothing hurt, and I could feel like I could run forever. Perhaps this is why I run: the every-once-in-a-blue-moon feeling of freedom and swiftness.

Total – 6 road miles
Year-to-date: 1074 miles

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