Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just one more day: Days 163-169

Day 163 – June 11, 2012

This was a light day as I had to squeeze in a short one before my dinner guests arrived. Still, miles are miles. I didn’t feel quite as quick as last night but the pace was decent despite the high humidity.

Total – 4 road miles

Day 164 – June 12, 2012

Ah. A trail run with newbie cross country wanna-be runners. It was fun and I am so pleased to have a number of new faces come out for our summer training runs. They all got their feet wet – literally- on this first of many trail runs.

Total – 4 trail miles

Day 165 – June 13, 2012

The run today was very different from yesterday’s. A trip to my son’s new (to him) boat in Hampton gave rise to running along marinas and old, cobbled-stoned streets lined with quaint houses more than a century old. The sweet smell of salty air and gentle breezes made the evening run quite pleasant. More to come for the next several days.
Caleb hoisting the jib sail

Total – 4.5 road miles

Day 166 – June 14, 2012

Still in Hampton at our son’s boat, it was a see-what-I-can-see kind of run. Not bad, even if was a sidewalk run. But, at least there was new stuff to look at. Felt good and stronger as I went. Then, it was a full day of work.

Total – 8 road miles

Day 167 – June 15, 2012

It was another day of non-stop work on the boat followed by mowing my father-in-law’s grass and getting his front flower beds under control. I finally head out the door to run at 9 pm. But that was OK. I love the dark and the false illusion of speed.

Total – 5 road miles

Day 168 – June 16, 2012

Another day on the boat meant lot’s more work and an evening run along streets lined with Victorian houses from centuries past. Of course, there were also the not-so Victorian areas that were no centuries old. They looked a lot worse than the old ones!

Total – 6 road miles

Day 169 – June 17, 2012

After battening up the hatches on Caleb’s boat and making the drive back from Hampton, a pile of mail, laundry, and getting organized again awaited. But the arrival of my INOV-8 shoes (233 for road and 268 and 308 for trail) made me relish my evening run. I really liked the minimalist feel of the 233s, feeling light and moving along A-OK. Good thing, too. On my return trip from the out-and-back run, I passed a band of country bubbas playing horseshoes in the backyard of their trailer home. Bare-bellied and footed, they kindly offered me to join their party. I politely waved and replied, “No thanks,” and kept on going despite repeated invitations. One of the fellas came running after me, making it all the way down the 40-yard driveway before retreating. Not exactly worrisome. They were just a little drunk.

Total – 7 road miles
Year-to-date: 1119

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