Friday, July 27, 2012

"God, are you sure about this?"

Emily Hill
I received news this morning that one of my runners has been injured, along with her dad, in a motorcycle accident. What was supposed to be a relaxing ride on the Harley during a week at the beach turned into the unexpected. Out of nowhere, a Jeep ran a stop sign, not even slowing, causing the motorcycle to ran into the side of the vehicle. The results are never good when that happens. Frantic calls, ambulance rides to the hospital, a messed-up bike, and lots of pain and suffering. Did God really want this to happen to His people?

If we believe in God's sovereignty, the answer has to be "yes." But that can be as hard to accept as being asked to eat nails for breakfast. Sometimes, however, in His mercy, God allows us a glimpse into the answer behind the "why."

Poor Harley
Christy Hill wrote the following email this morning in the aftermath of the accident. I was delighted when she said I had permission to share it with you.

Some of you may have heard about Tim and Emily’s motorcycle accident yesterday. We are at Myrtle Beach and Tim and Emily were on the bike just out for a spin when a jeep ran a stop sign and didn’t even slow down.  She pulled out in front of them. Tim didn’t even have time to react, they just ran right into them.

The impact “laid the bike down” meaning there was no way to keep it upright. The bike fell on top of Emily, but she slid a few feet from it. Tim took the brunt of the hit.  They were both sent to Grand Strand hospital. I got the call at 2:05pm from Emily (Conner and I were at the condo) and the medic told me to get to the hospital right away.  
Emily was treated for “road rash” on her left side, but had no other injuries. Tim suffered a broken collar bone, had a large deep gash in his right temple, road rash all over him, and severe pain in his leg. They kept him at the hospital last night.  When we left him, he was resting, but in extreme pain.
Emily had told me in the ER that the lady (Kimmy) who hit them was extremely upset (as anyone would be). But she kept telling Emily she “needed Jesus.” Emily prayed with her at the scene while waiting for an ambulance to transport her to the hospital – they took Tim immediately.  She [Emily] said in the ER that if this lady accepted Christ this accident would be worth it.  
The lady came to see us later that evening in the hospital. She asked us for “forgiveness” and told us she had been a believer, but had gotten away from the Lord. She said Emily’s words and actions were pulling her back to Him. In her card she wrote, “Your sweet smile ministered to me so much today. Your words of truth that “God is Almighty” put my soul at rest.” She told us at the hospital she wanted the peace and relationship that Emily had with Him.  
Not exactly how we wanted to remember our beach vacation, but God has a plan and purpose in all this for us and for Kimmy. Tim’s family is scheduled to come to the beach on Saturday, and we were going to spend next week with them.  We are just going to take things day by day.  Hopefully, Tim will be discharged today and can rest and recover some before we make the long trip home.  
I am praising God for His protection yesterday for them. When they ride the bike, I used to be very vigilant about praying for protection, but you get comfortable. They left yesterday about noon, and I do remember praying a prayer for protection for them. I know God protected them…it could have been so much worse…even ultimately.  
Thanks for your prayers…our main one right now is for Tim’s full recovery. He’s bringing back one massive scar on his face as a souvenir. I would have preferred a "Life is Good" T-shirt…I think I will get one of those as well.  
Love to all! 

7/27/12  NEWS UPDATE: In another email today, Christy shared the following:

It’s been a rough day.  Emily slept well and is stiff today, but she has been a trooper!  New xrays determined Tim also has a broken hand on his left hand and a cracked rib on his right side.  The doctor explained in a trauma situation, they treat the most serious injuries first and then reevaluate any other potential injuries.  The doctors are keeping him in the hospital until they think he can move on his own and there is no more danger for him.  Tim’s family is heading down to the beach tomorrow, so that will help.  He was able to stand and walk a few steps with a lot of help. He is still in a lot of pain.   

We recovered Tim and Emily’s things from the bike today.  We also visited the intersection.  God truly was protecting them.

Kimmy, the lady who hit them, texted Emily today and I am posting their conversation here…simply amazing. 
Kimmy: R u sure God can forgive me? I still feel so guilty. I’m so sorry. Ur such a power girl, great things will come out of your ministry starting with me. How are you feeling? How is your dad feeling?

Emily: Is this Kimmy?

Kimmy: Yes…Hey yes!  I prayed last night .I’m going to heaven!!!

Emily: Yes He loves ya and has forgiven ya. 

Kimmy: Emily I feel so free.  Like no more chains are holding me!! I want to tell everyone about God.  I was so excited with joy when I felt God forgive me. 

Emily: That’s what He wants. He wants you to also tell others about him and his great love. 

WOW. What else can I say? God was sure in what he was doing.

7/30/12  NEWS UPDATE: In another email, Christy shared the following:

A good day today. Tim got the word that he is being released tomorrow, Lord willing.  The improvement in his mobility has been tremendous. He is standing and walking much better than before, albeit slow and strained. 

The family is down in the beach house and we will be climbing Mount Everest (ok – one flight of stairs) to get him in, but once he’s in he will be on the main floor and have all he needs. So thankful to have the rest of this week to let him recover and still regroup. Stitches (22) will come out later this week for his face. 

Although things will not be “normal” we are looking forward to being at the beach with a little bit of normalcy.  We are already referring to things “before the wreck” and “after the wreck.”  It seems like we were on vacation 3 months ago rather than 3 days ago. It is so strange to be driving back and forth to the hospital with all the tourist attractions and beach things around us…things we were enjoying just last week. You always go on vacation hoping for rest and rejuvenation, and I must say this vacation we have changed…forever. We will take home scars, both physical and emotional…but they will serve as reminders of God’s faithfulness and love to us. 

I always read books over vacation and I was reading a book that spent a great deal of time dealing with how we should treasure our families and not take for granted those moments we have together, never realizing we would be put to the test (Why did I require a living visual? :) ).  We truly are rich…we have each other…we STILL have each other.  I had driven past this hospital the day before the wreck and remember thinking how sad it was for “those” people who would have to come here on their vacation…never realizing less than 24 hours we would be there. One thing is for sure…Hill Family Vacation 2012 will be one for the books! 

In my feeble attempt at humor in the ER I told Tim the least he could have done was to wait to do this until AFTER we had taken our beach pictures…oh well…we will take those pictures someday with our smiles telling how we looked death in the face, helped a young lady searching for Jesus, and learned that we are better off for it all. Only with the Lord right there by all our sides that Thursday afternoon. They say that what does not kill us makes us stronger…well, my dear friends…we are stronger today!  God is so good!

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