Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just one more Day: Days 205 - 211

Day 205 – July 23, 2012

Ok. I have to admit it. When I get involved in a project, it’s hard to take the time to run. I've been consumed with an upholstery project for my son, Caleb. Then, when I finally headed out the door to run at dusk, the bugs were so bad they kept getting in my eyes, up my nose, in my ears, and plastered all over the front of me. I tried to keep my mouth closed so as to keep the protein intake at a minimum. It was so frustrating, I bagged it at 2.5 miles. But at least I ran fast.

Total – 2.5 road miles

Day 206 – July 24, 2012

Project day again. This time, I got out the door at 10:00 p.m. but I am so glad I did. A warm breeze was blowing, reminiscent of the kind you get at the beach. Stars were out and the country roads empty. Beautiful! I am so thankful I am able to run and enjoy it!

Total – 4 road miles

Day 207 – July 25, 2012

Another run at dusk but the bugs were not quite as bad as the other night. I suppose it would be better to run in the mornings but I do enjoy evening time.

Total – 4 road miles

Day 208 – July 26, 2012

Another team run, but a small turnout. The older kids got in six miles on this steamy, hot morning. I took two middle school boys for a shorter run. Seems like I am stuck a measly four mile run. But, with no races looming in the near future, my motivation is lacking a tad.

Total – 4 trail miles

Day 209 – July 27, 2012

With the Olympics starting tonight, I got out the door in the mid-morning sun, but not early enough to avoid the heat. I felt terrible and my knees feel, well, pudgy. They feel think and sort of hurt. And, my energy was low. The only good thing about the run was when it ended with some time in the pool.

Total – 6 road miles

Day 210 – July 28, 2012

I saw so many turtles on the trail today and unfortunately, fit right in. It was discouraging to have another day when I just didn’t feel strong and able. My knees have been making me take notice. This is strange since the big miles earlier this month didn’t seem to hurt them.

Total – 12 trail miles

Day 211 – July 29, 2012

I must be in a little slump. I fell asleep when I got home from church even though Olympic coverage was on. Maybe I’m getting sick or need a rest. As a result, I put on a more cushioned pair of shoes and basically had a rest day of just two miles. Maybe this week will be better.

Total – 2 miles
Year-to-date: 1465 miles

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