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Goals. Good or bad?

I like going long and solo. It gives me time to think uninterrupted. On this particular fall day, I was perplexed about something and needed to figure it out. By the time I arrived back at my car, I was content with my conclusions. But let me start at the beginning. Goals. What do we do with goals? Since our knee-high-to-a- grasshopper days we've been told we need to set goals; to aspire to great things. Win the conference.  Beat our nemesis, School XYZ Run a PR Shoot 85% from the free throw line Claim a state title Be highlighted on ESPN for claiming that National Championship we chased all season long. Of course, goals are not unique to athletics. Business culture tells us we must set lofty goals because if we don't know what to shoot for, we'll miss every time. Add 15 new clients Increase sales by 30% Be the leader in commissions Earn that incentive trip to Hawaii  Hang the plaque for winning the prestigious award for customer servic