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"Called Again: A story of love and triumph": A Book Review

 Jennifer Pharr Davis eats mountaintops for breakfast—and lunch, dinner, and evening snack. Up and over those rocky crags she goes. Across gassy balds. Through shaded path and traversing boulder fields. When the shine shines and gentle breezes blow, and when the sleet drives sideways and the gales threaten to topple her off the peak, JPD climbs ever higher. She knows each one by name and they know her. Yes, Jen is a mountain conqueror. But the presence of a mountaintop always requires a valley, often deep. Sometimes the valley is lush and green, a respite from the loftier peaks. But mostly, the valley is merely a prelude before the next peak calls out again; a sirens call to those who choose to rise and meet he to those who are truly called again. “Called Again: A Story of Love and Triumph” is the true tale of a young woman’s love affair with the Appalachian Trail (AT). But it is equally a story of the love affair with her husband. And it is those two loves that keep her f