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Best Season Yet: 12 Weeks to Train

In the pursuit of excellence in competition and life, talent is never enough.  Best Season Yet identifies with wonderful, real life, short-story scenarios, the major factors that impact our pursuit to excellence. I loved that in the face of adversity, each story illustrates Biblical truths that give clear direction to the next path. There is a brilliant progression of character development blended into the real world experiences and application of God’s Word. Rebekah Trittipoe, while entertaining, provides an excellent blue print to build the character of a champion who is in pursuit of excellence. This is an exceptional book written by an exceptional athlete, coach, guide, wife, mom, and person.
Carey Green - Head Coach, Women’s Basketball, Liberty University, 11 NCAA tournament appearances, 11 conference championships

As a lifelong competitor and now a coach, I believe sport is the greatest platform of influence in modern culture – for better or for worse! In Best Season Yet, you will find a game plan to keep the 'main thing the main thing.' It's about more than great performance; It's about encouraging others to be great people – fulfilling their God-given purpose for life!
Jimmy Page, Author WisdomWalks Sports, VP of Field Ministry – Fellowship of Christian Athletes

In today’s competitive world of athletics, the coach that is truly in it for the right reason, is the one who is looking to use the life lessons learned through the sport to develop his athletes: physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.  This fast-moving, well-organized book takes the team through a proactive look at the highs and the lows that they will experience through their involvement in sports and how God wants them to use the experiences to turn their focus to Him.
Coach Frank Rocco, Liberty Christian Academy, VA, 25 Years in Athletic Administration, 4-time State football Champion

Rebekah Trittipoe's Best Season Yet is an amazing resource for a coach, team member, or individual athlete who wants to be faithful with the talents they've been given. A highly recommended read!
Josh Cox, 50k American Record Holder

Best Season Yet: 12 Weeks to Train is a wonderful resource for teams or individual athletes looking for a concise tool to help focus the spiritual and mental components of their season.  The format is easy to use and strikes a nice balance in its brief yet engaging daily content.
Chris Anderson, National Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Endurance Ministry (FCA Endurance),
One of the greatest temptations for the Christian athlete is to seek her own purposes or run for personal glory, and "Best Season Yet" is the perfect antidote to this. Rebekah Trittipoe—one of the East Coast’s most highly regarded “trail moms” and respected competitors—provides a unique resource for athletes, teams, and coaches that instructs us to thoughtfully engage our athletic commitments within the context of our Christian faith. The text is lively and articulate, Scripturally supported, fun, and full of stories and activities that lead us to think through what it means to glorify God in running. I highly recommend this devotional for teams who want to know what the Bible says about athletic disciplines and to serve God more fully through their sport.
Sabrina Moran, 24-hour run American record holder

When starting any journey it is important to have the end in mind.  In this book, Coach Trittipoe not only leads the reader to consider the end of the season or the end of the athletic career, but the end product of a life that is lived well for the Lord.  Rebekah reminds us of the great Biblical life lessons that can be learned though athletics, especially when carefully guided by a committed Christian coach.  Regardless of the W’s and L’s, your season will be positive as you follow Best Season Yet.
Coach Brant Tolsma, Liberty University Head Track and Field/CC Coach

Seasoned coach or beginning your career, an avid athlete or novice team member, this book can arm you with valuable life skills beyond the next race.  As a respected, exceptional, and experienced ultra-runner and coach, Rebekah Trittipoe offers a life changing perspective on athletics and all that sport can teach us about ourselves; inspiring us as individuals, mentors, coaches, and teammates to help us discover our potential.  I highly recommend Best Season Yet:  12 Weeks to Train as I believe it can be the most important resource in your coaching inventory.
Jennifer Anderson, Coach and ultrarunner, Overall record holder, Camino de Santiago, Spain

There is no shortcut to success. It takes a solid game plan. A game plan that comes from both research and real world experience. That is what Coach Trittipoe provides through 'Best Season Yet' ... it is a blueprint to reaching one's true POTENTIAL inside!
Scotty Curlee – Director/Producer, The Potential Inside movie, Former Olympic trials and professional cyclist

As an athlete, I know that the most important lessons that I learned on the court, and as part of a team, are lessons that can be translated into character, relationships, and faith. But that does not mean those lessons are easy to talk about or convey – especially without sounding corny or condescending. Rebekah seemingly does the impossible by making these universal values of Christian faith and athletics come across as sounding cool and conversational. Her short daily anecdotes alternate between 3,000-year old Biblical stories and modern day sports feats, allowing the lessons of faith to feel both timeless and relevant.
Jennifer Pharr Davis – World record holder, Appalachian Trail, Author/speaker
(Excerpted from the Foreword)

Rebekah Trittipoe's new book, “Best Season Yet: 12 Weeks to Train,” is a powerfully moving book that will make you forget you are reading a book for coaches. Be prepared to have a heart examination. The group dynamics, stories, and scripture readings are like pearls of wisdom woven into daily practices.  These super tools can build or renew any team's foundation. This book is written with a passion for today's youth. If you want to experience greater love in coaching, read Best Season Yet. If you want to build Godly character in your team, read Best Season Yet. If you want a dose of perseverance, read Best Season Yet. I did.
Susan Morgan – Former Collegiate All-American and Distance Coach

The beginning of the season for every sports team brings with it excitement and high expectations for success! Many teams begin the season strong but often fail to maintain that momentum as the season progresses. Rebekah Trittipoe has written an amazing book on how to keep you and your team focused when it hurts and when you are facing the grind & challenges of a long season. Rebekah isn’t writing from an opinion or something she researched; rather as a world-class athlete she’s writing from the blood, sweat & tears of her own experience! 
Aaron Davis – Motivational speaker, Author, Member of the 1994 National Championship Nebraska football team

 Pace Yourself: 366 Devotions from the Daily Grind

Several years ago, Rebekah Trittipoe and I became friends at a Christian writers’ conference in Pennsylvania. She plopped down at my lunch table with a million questions and several good ideas. The following year, I stayed at her home when I spoke at her church’s women’s retreat. I played with her cats, ate delicious homemade bread, and watched her casually handle more in one day than I could do in three.

Rebekah is like no one else. She’s beyond capable, upbeat and fun, an artist in many ways, creating beauty everywhere - in her garden, in her handmade furniture, in the vivid warmth of her home. I became her fan.

But in my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine a friendship with an ultra marathon runner. While I force myself to do pathetically small amounts of daily exercise, Rebekah runs hundreds of miles at a time, something I think should be illegal. Plus, she regularly leads a pack of young women who love her enough to run endless miles through the woods with her. Why would they do that? Quite possibly because she’s a magnet for those starved for a vital life of faith. Afterward, around home-cooked meals and an open Bible, Rebekah feeds the souls of these young women she loves.

So why be surprised at this monumental achievement in your hands, her first 365 Day Devotional? Be thrilled that you and I can spend time with Rebekah without having to sweat or nurse blisters afterward. We can hang around her over coffee every day and hear her candid take on faith, life, loving God, and loving others. Nothing matters more. You’ll be glad you did.         

Virelle Kidder is a conference speaker and the author of six books, including Meet Me at the Well and The Best Life Ain’t Easy (both Moody Publishers, 2008). She and her husband Steve live in Sebastian, Florida.


“Pace Yourself” will appeal equally to women, men, sports enthusiasts and spectators.  Rebekah blends a special combination of scriptural insights with clear-eyed practical living.  Her stories illuminate the scripture selections and ring true with life’s challenge, pain and joy.       

Eric Fellman is the author of The Power Behind Positive Thinking, and past President of the Peale Center Division of Guideposts, Inc. Current President and CEO of World Bible Translation Center


On January 1, I made a commitment to read Oswald Chamber’s “My Utmost for His Highest.” “Pace Yourself” is more than comparable to Chamber’s work.  Rebekah’s devotional stories about running and normal-day living help us see God’s daily work in our lives. I highly recommend this book and I know what I’ll be reading next year!  

Dr. David Horton is a previous record holder on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Long Trail. 113,000 life-time running miles. One of nine finishers at Barkley, the world’s toughest footrace and two-time winner of the Hardrock 100, among many others titles.

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