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Want your young boy to read?

I raised two sons. One loved to read (and still does). The other despised time with book in hand (and still does). Can you relate? Do you wish your boys would read more? Here's some help from Eddie Jones, author and Acquisition Editor for LightHouse Publishing. 7 Ways to Get your Boy to Read Books The Internet, smart phones, online gaming and videos have changed the reading habits of young males. Can we keep books in “their” social network? Yes, says Eddie Jones, award-winning author of Caden Chronicles. Here are seven ways you can turn a reluctant reader into a bookworm. Select a “boy book” Boys enjoy books about boys, so pick a story that includes a male lead with a unique skill who is overmatched but becomes the hero through conquering challenges. The book should include a specific goal (treasure), consequences for failure (death of someone or thing) and show the value of moral choice (book’s theme). Boys like action, physical confrontation and really do

Let freedom ring

It was the evening of July 4th. After a family dinner, Gary and I decided we had seen enough fireworks to last us a lifetime. In other words, we really didn't feel like going anywhere because we are getting old and boring. So we didn't. Well, he didn't. I went for my standard evening run. As I crested the last hill before venturing down the now darkened, rocky driveway, I was startled to see no less than four different spots on the skyline lit up in the night sky. The subsequent "booms" followed shortly thereafter. I stood in the middle of the deserted country road just watching and waiting for the next round. All I had to do was scan above the treetops in an 180 degree arc. It was an unexpected treat and my private way of celebrating the 4th. That got me thinking. 1776. Independence Day. Freedom. The birth of a nation. Pretty cool stuff. This freedom allows its citizens privileges too numerous to mention despite recent infringements by a swollen and contro