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Sitting on a comfy sofa in a USAirways lounge, I fought to keep from curling up in a fetal position to sleep for hours. A 2 a.m. shuttle pick up at the hotel for a 5 a.m. flight made me decide to never even go to bed. Rather, after a nice dinner and hours of chatting with long-lost friends, I headed out the door at midnight to go for a much needed run. I felt refreshed after showering, meeting the much-too-early limo at the appointed hour. However, I now pay for that decision. Somewhere between drooping eyelids and and fuzzy thinking, I glanced up at the large television at the end of the room. Flashing across the screen and much to the amusement of the broadcaster, the following church advertisement was shown. "Come hear our pastor. He's not very good but he's short."  I laughed out loud. I suppose many people choose a church based on the level of inconvenience to their personal lives. Some show up on holidays, dressed in their finest. Others arrive like clockwor

Take heed, new parents

"See ya later, Ashley," I called out as Caleb led her out the door and to her car.  "You are always welcome here."  Earlier, we enjoyed a dinner together and then relaxed, chatting the evening away. The banter was light and the company good. I took another sip of coffee, relishing the cup's warmth in my cupped hands and the love in my heart. After a few minutes Caleb returned. "Was it hard to say goodbye?" I queried. "I'm OK," he softly uttered. Now there was one last thing to do. Rising from my lounging position on the couch, I fetched the clippers from the closet. It was time. With Caleb seated on the bar stools in our great room, I plugged in the electric clippers. We both nervously laughed as the buzzing began. With no guard covering the reciprocating blades, his dark brown hair collected into mounds on the floor. I took pictures throughout the process for posterity's sake. I masked the meaning behind the action by laughing

May 13th entry from "Pace Yourself:366 Devotions From the Daily Grind"

Our internet was crawling slower than a newborn baby. Yesterday I had to reinstall Windows and download all the required service packs and updates. Hence, we exceeded the 24-hour bandwidth allowed with our satellite internet plan. After slogging through my email I gave up, went for a run, and then climbed aboard our beat-up lawnmower. With all the rain we’ve had, it was high time to give the grass a whack. Our riding mover is an interesting piece of machinery. We bought it seventeen years ago and it has lived a hard life. Grass still falls in its path but the blades, even being replaced and sharpened frequently, are anything but pristine—too many rock encounters. We have to dump in half a quart of oil with each use, the grass shoot is catywampus and the deck is bent. And embarrassingly, we use a screw driver in the key slot to bring life to the old engine. The vinyl seat is split in several places, the edges rubbing uncomfortably on bare legs. But, I guess I shouldn’t complain. It

Books are in!

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Finally. . .

  Pace Yourself: 366 Devotions from the Daily Grind  will be available for purchase this week. My stash of books are in transit and are expected to be delivered this week. For those of you who have already ordered, I am hoping to get your books in the mail as soon as hold them in my hand! Thanks in advance for your support of this project.  Information about any of my books or information about having me speak to your group can be found at