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Little lost Lamb

The beloved Lamby She was showing signs of age. Rag-tagged and a little lumpy, Lamby, as she was known, bore the marks of a well-loved stuffed friend. Despite years of hard loving, she was still oddly adorable. Her floppy body and legs were a little darker than before, accumulated ground-in dirt stuck between the once-fluffy fibers. But everywhere Addyson went, the lamb was sure to go. Lamby offered security and companionship whenever the sun set and bedtime rolled around. Under the covers they snuggled, perfectly content in each other's arms. So just imagine how difficult a Lamby-less evening could be for a sensitive little girl. We were visiting some relatives and staying the night, Lamby in tow. Addyson and Lamby cuddled throughout the night, greeting the morning healthy and happy. After some time playing with cousins, we left to travel home as did the cousins. Only problem was, Lamby did not make it into our car. That devastating fact didn’t make itself known until se